How to create a Shortcode for your WordPress Theme

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Load data while Scrolling Page down with jQuery AJAX

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Instead of using jQuery, we can use an extension to make scroll easier
For Magento 2, Infinite Scroll extension can be an optimized solution when it allows loading next pages without pagination by using Ajax loading or Load more button. When customers scroll down the page, products are automatically loaded. Moreover, with integration with lazy image loading, product images only appears when scrolling down, which can make site speed faster .

Python: A shareable Todo lists/notes web app with web2py Part 1

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Setting up your database and tables in Laravel 5

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Creating an offline app using HTML5 Cache and Underscore Template

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Creating PDFs from HTML and CSS with PHP and Dompdf

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Using PHP and SimpleXML to parse WordPress feeds

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Creating useful Command Line (cli) Apps with PHP

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Useful HTML5 Features

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics Part 1

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Creating a countdown timer with Vanilla JavaScript

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Editing images with PHP (Creating a custom certificate for users)

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Creating a Windows app in HTML, CSS, jQuery & PHP using TideSDK

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Creating a countdown timer with Vanilla JavaScript

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